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Online Silver Jewellery, Feather Earrings

Jewelleries, like any other things, also needs to be cleaned properly. Although they are designed and crafted to look beautiful and elegant for a lifetime, if they are not taken cared of properly then there’s still a tendency that they’r look dirty and tarnished, especially the online silver jewellery because of the silver itself which is a soft metal.

Online Silver Jewellery, Feather Earrings

However, if the online silver jewellery is properly maintained, then the look may actually improve overtime. You should know how to clean your jewellery so that it wouldn’t be ruined and so that it could last a last time.

Ways to Take Care of your Online Silver Jewellery

1. Always Store your Jewellery in a Clean and Dry place.

2. Don’t put multiple jewellery pieces in a single case or drawer as they are prone to scratching. It can cause damage to the jewellery.

3. Keep your jewellery in a fabric-lined jewellery case or a box with compartments. If you are going to use ordinary boxes, then wrap each piece of jewellery with soft tissue or put them in special plastic pockets.

4. See your jeweller at least once a year for jewellery check up. They’ll check if your jewellery have loose prongs, worn mountings and other damage.

5. Use a tarnish resistant cloth when storing your silver jewellery.

6. Consider buying a jewellery case with lock and key especially if your jewellery is authentic and genuine.

7. Wood, paper envelopes and cardboard boxes are bad for online silver jewellery . Wood, especially oak contains an acid that will ruin the silver’s surface. Paper and cardboard that are made from trees might have the same effect.

8. The best way to clean the jewellery is by using a mild soap and water solution then dry with a soft cloth. If the dirt is not easily removed, then you might need a silver cleaner.

9. Never rob your jewellery with a tissue paper or paper towels as they might scratch the jewellery. Always use a soft cotton, flannel cloth or a fine piece of felt.

10. Avoid using your jewellery in a chlorinated water as it will discolor your luxury piece.

11. You can use soft drink, preferrably 7 up, to make your jewellery sparkling if it is dirty. Just soak it for a night. This is not recommended for jewellery with gemstones.

Proper care for your jewellery will make it even more beautiful and will make it lasts longer.

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