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Silver is much less expensive than gold but it is used as frequent as gold when it comes to Jewellery. Silver Jewellery has been widely used for different occasions and fashion styles. It is believed that Silver signifies purity, awareness, persistence, focus and clarity. If you are looking for authentic silver jewellery, you can visit the Online Silver Jewellery Shop , Superstar Jewellery!

Superstar Jewellery is a leading provider of jewelleries. Silver is one of our best selling jewelleries that are used in different occasions, for gifts and proposals. It is indeed widely used all over the world. For this article, the leading Online Silver Jewellery Shop is going to expand your knowledge about Silver through fun facts!

Online Silver Jewellery Shop ‘s Facts about Silver:

Online Silver Jewellery Shop

  • Silver is the most successful conductor of all elements and precious metals. It is often used in solar panels.
  • Silver can kill bacteria. The small volume of silver can break down bacteria through chemical effect on the bacteria’s membrane, and bacteria cannot build a resistance to silver.
  • Silver is harder than cold but not as hard as copper. It has a cubic crystal structure which makes it tough and durable.
  • Silver is edible. It is often used as a decorative ingredient known as “Varak” in food, although eating large quantities of silver is not advisable.
  • The word silver is derived from the English word “Seolfor”.
  • Silver are also used in the world of medicine as addition to paper thanks to its antibiotic abilities.
  • Silver has been believed to have healing powers and to ward off evil spirits. It has also been associated with magic through out history.
  • In Jewellery making, Silver is usually alloyed with copper to make it more durable.
  • Silver can also be found in long life batteries together with zinc-oxide. The batteries are used to power technological equipment like digital cameras and watches.
  • The melting point of silver is 960 degrees Celsius or 1761 degrees Fahrenheit.

For some, silver is just a piece of metal that they use to add to their styles and fashion. But for you, silver is more than that. You now know more about silver than others!

Silver is a precious metal that is widely used for making jewelleries. At Superstar Jewellery, we have the highest quality of authentic and genuine silver jewelleries!

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