Gold Jewellery Australia | Guide to Buying Gold Jewellery

Gold Jewellery Australia, Eclipse of the Heart Ring

Gold Jewellery Australia are jewelleries that can always be a trend and never goes out of fashion. Since gold is valuable, buying gold Jewellery is a good odea since you will still be able to use that jewellery years from now.

The only problem when buying gold Jewellery Australia is that you are not sure if that piece of luxury is authentic or not. So when you are about to buy a necklace, bangle, bracelet or rings that are made of gold, be sure to check these three factors: Purity, Color and Solidity.

Superstar Jewellery is a leading provider of authentic, genuine and quality luxurious jewels. We are a recognized and licensed company that offers the best deals when it comes to jewerlleries. And since we care about our customers and clients, we are giving you a guide based on the three factors when buying jewellery.

Guide to Buying Gold Jewellery Australia:

Gold Jewellery Australia, Eclipse of the Heart Ring

The Gold Purity

  • The purity of the gold us an important factor that you should consider when buying gold jewellery. It Is measured through Karats. 24K is considered as the purest while 10K as the least pure.

10k (41.7% Gold)

  • Made up of 10 parts gold and 14 parts of other metal.

12k (50% Gold)

  • 12 parts are made up of gold while the other 12 parts are made up of other metals.

14k (58.3% Gold)

  • 14 parts Gold and 10 Parts other metals.

18k (75% Gold)

  • 18 parts Gold and 6 Parts other metals.

The Gold Color

  • The most common way to distinguish gold jewellery Australia is through the color. The common color of gold is bright yellow. Gold jewelleries with other tints of color are mixture of gold and other metals. White gold is mixed with nickel or palladium. Rose gold is a pinkish gold that is mixed with copper. Green gold is a gold jewellery that is made up of a mixture of gold and silver.

The Gold Solidity.

  • Gold Jewelleries that are labeled with karats are solid gold. But there are jewelleries that are marked as gold-plated. Gold plated jewelleries are less precious metals that are only coated with gold. There are also gold filled jewelleries. They are not solid gold but have a thicke layer of gold compare to the gold plated jewelleries. These types of jewelleries may be cheaper, but they are also less valuable and less durable.

Now that you know what type of gold jewellery Australia to buy, you can shop all you want without worries.

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