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When you are buying jewelleries, there are chances that the jewelleries you buy are fake. Sometimes, you will see that there are jewelleries that look exactly the same as the originals but are fake. And you would be ripped off if you buy this fake jewelleries for a very expensive price. Of you course, if you are going to spend a lot of money, you should spend it in an Australian High Quality Jewellery . And when you want to buy authentic jewelleries, you know which shop to visit: Superstar Jewellery.

Superstar Jewellery is one of the leading provider of authentic and Australian high Quality Jewellery . If you are looking for the best and genuine luxury pieces of ornaments, we would be more than happy to provide you our best jewellery products.

Australian High Quality Jewellery , Key & Padlock Bracelet

Shopping for a new jewellery can be very exciting but also expensive. And the worst part is buying fake jewellery at a very high price. To avoid that experience, we are going to give you tips on how to Identify Fake Jewelleries.

Australian High Quality Jewellery ‘s Tips for Identifying Fake Jewelleries

Check Stamps or Hallmarks

Authentic Jewelleries are marked with 9 Carat Gold, 14 Carat Gold, 18 Carat Gold, 22 Carat Gold, 925 Platinum Silver and 925 Sterling Silver. Without these marks on the jewellery, there is a big chance that the jewellery is fake. So if you find jewelleries that doesn’t have mark in them, then it you should avoid buying them as they may be product of fake jewllery makers.

Buying Online Jewellery?

When you are buying online jewelelry, the best way to know if the jewellery is authentic is to know the company that provides it. It would be easy to know the company since details are about them can be found in their website. If the website do not contain any information about the company or the product that they provide, do not buy from them. Also, you should be able to see testimonials and review from other customers. This will help you see if they have complaints against the jewellery shop.

Product Warranty

If the product item do not come with a return policy, then it might not be safe to buy the product. There should at least be a few days for product replacement.

With these tips, you will be able to buy Australian High Quality Jewellery .

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