About Us

About Us

Our Mission is to provide high quality jewellery for our customers, quality pieces that are everlasting, just the way we see our company as everlasting.Diamond-Rings , high quality jewellery

Our skills and vast experience allows us to offer you quality you deserve without it losing that lust and shine you fell in love with when you first saw that piece of jewellery that was meant for you.

Luxury Pieces | High Quality Jewellery

We do this by offering luxury pieces made from highest quality Precious metal with premier quality cut and polished Gem stones to replicate the look and beauty of Genuine Diamonds .

We do not believe in a throw away society. We believe that your jewellery should be worn again and again and in many years to come you can proudly tell a friend or loved one “I purchased this beautiful piece many , many years ago and I still love it “….

A Vision Based on Quality

Our Vision is to help people with a goal or dream turn to reality, Superstar Jewellery was created with this principle.

Working for many years in Retail Operations Management, I knew how many hours employees were expected to put in to receive a worthy wage, I was also familiar of how much of a burden this became on their families with the cost of crèche’s to look after your precious children, Superstar Jewellery was created to allow women to become Superstar consultants, achieve financial freedom and have flexible working hours around their families.

Superstar Jewellery provides the greatest opportunity to build your own empire

More importantly to proudly stand behind a high quality product with an affordable price tag, Consultants can Appreciate and Represent with Genuine Confidence.